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KJ, you've hit the nail on the head. You are trying to accomplish TOO MANY small projects. French AND Spanish? Pick one. When you become fluent, then you can tackle the other one. Also, three times a week is a habit. I didn't say that. Time expert Laura Vanderkam did. So maybe you try to paint (connect with yourself) or reach out to a friend (connect with your people) on a given day.

As for Jane Smiley, Yes, she's a heralded writer. But I HATED A Thousand Acres. Even watched the movie to make sure I hated it and, surprise, I still did. So she is off my list. It's okay. There are plenty of others on that list, including Anna Quindlen. And Barbara Kingsolver.

Good luck! Happy reading and habit-ing!

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I know.... I’m B1 in Spanish for sure. Maybe B2. But I want to do ALL THE THINGS. I’m slowing. I swear. And thanks for the reminder about 3x a week. I should know that!

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